Making the internet faster and more secure

Leverage our global infrastructure and advanced technologies to maximize the performance and security of your website.

Easy Setup

Enhance your website with BitMitigate in less than 5 minutes - setup is free and requires no programming!

Cutting Edge Technologies

Benefit from the most advanced technologies in the industry without paying enterprise fees!

Browser Optimization

Change the way that your website's content is loaded and rendered within the browser based on the device accessing the website to increase performance

Cloud CDN

Our global content delivery network automatically caches your website all over the world ensuring fast connections no matter where your users are

Asset Delivery

Enhance how files are delivered to your users by bundling JavaScript, utilizing local storage, modifying headers, using TLS 1.3 and more

File Encoding

Decrease the size of your website and remove overhead on-the-fly with GZIP and Brotli compression, minification, image re-encoding, and more

Web Application Firewall

Stop hackers and malware at the edge before they reach your servers. Our real time WAF blocks hack attempts, brute forcing, bots, and more

DDoS Protection

Over 1Tb/s of DDoS protection. Always-on. By default. Protecting you from all attacks ranging from layer 3,4, to 7 attacks at the web server itself

Injection Protection

Stop MySQL injection, XSS injection, file injection, and more in real time without writing a single line of code

Dedicated SSL

All websites receive a dedicated SSL certificate by default. Ensuring your website is PCI compliant and secure

Load Balancing

No more complicated load balancing configurations or additional fees. Free easy to use load balancing at the edge for all websites with automatic failover

Infinite Page Rules

Control how your website works at the edge with infinite precision by using our advanced and easy to configure page rule system. No coding required

Custom Settings

Take full control over the CDN. Download SSL certificates, upload your own certificates, change the WAF splash page, and more! Sign in to explore

Access Control

Configure who can access your website and what files they can access. Configurable down to a single file - all with no coding required

Powered by Values

We think that the internet is the most powerful source of communication on earth. As such we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the same principles of absolute free speech that have allowed for the greatest societal developments in history are not lost in this rapidly evolving era. Free speech is a key value to our operations.

Transparency is the best policy in all realms of life. We make an effort to always be as transparent as possible within all of our operations. Including full disclosures of any potential security vulnerabilities or breaches. Transparency opens the doors for improvement.

Privacy is one of the most fundamental aspects of humanity. Privacy is something that we think about in every single thing we do here at BitMitigate. When you use our services you can be assured that your information is totally private and anonymous to the public.