Enterprise Plans

For companies requiring enterprise-grade security and performance, prioritized 24/7/365 phone, email, or chat support, and guaranteed uptime.


DDoS solutions for the Enterprise

Business is at significant risk from disruption as a result of increasingly frequent and sophisticated DDoS attacks. delivers revenue-protecting DDoS solutions that ensure your online availability. In turn, helping to keep ​your employees ​productive and customers​ happy.

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What You Get With the Enterprise Plans

24/7/365 support
We hope you never run into issues with BitMitigate, but incase you do, our 24/7/365 email and emergency phone support hotline is here to help.
Role-based account access
Provide role-based access throughout your organization. Each user is given set permissions, individual API keys, and optional two-factor authentication.
Named technical resources
For assistance with on-boarding, optimization, and technical support, our Enterprise customers receive named solutions and success engineers.
100% uptime and 10x Enterprise SLA
In the rare event of downtime, Enterprise customers receive a 10x credit (included in the Standard Success Offering) against the monthly fee, in proportion to the respective disruption and affected customer ratio.
Network prioritization
Enterprise web assets are placed on BitMitigate dedicated IP ranges, providing prioritized routing and protection to ensure maximum speed and availability.
Access to raw logs
Take charge of your data and run your own analytics using raw log data from web assets on BitMitigate's network.


Enterprise Includes

  • Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks with network prioritization
  • Global CDN
  • Multiple SSL certificate uploads
  • Access to China CDN data centers
  • PCI compliance with Modern TLS Only mode and WAF
  • Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with unlimited custom rulesets
  • 125 page rules


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