No Coding Required

All of our website optimizations are done on-the-fly right at the edge. They require absolutely no coding or changes to your origin content or server configuration. Simply enable the optimizations you would like to have and BitMitigate will take care of the rest.

Unmatched Performance

Hyper Loader*

Changes the way your website loads and renders content depending on the users browser and device to decrease render times for all types of content.

GZIP and Brotli

Compresses and decrases the size of all your assets on-the-fly with the latest and most effective techniques - reducing bandwidth and increasing performance.

Auto Minification

Removes unnecessary and redundant data from your HTML, CSS, JS, and even without affecting the resource.

Smart Caching

BitMitigate will automatically detect and cache static content without you having to configure any specific files or locations.

JavaScript Bundling

Automatically bundles JavaScript files together to minimize the number of connections and maximize JavaScript load times even for external assets.

Local Storage Caching

Caches resources in HTML 5 local storage if supported by the visitor's browser. Drastically increasing the performance of your website on modern devices.

Lazy Loading

Implements lazy loading techniques to load images only directly in view first before loading other images to ensure your user gets connected as soon as possible.

JavaScript Deference

Executes JavaScript only after a page loads to ensure it doesn't block your website from loading. Great for JS heavy websites that suffer from slowdown.

DNS Prefetching

Allows browsers to pre-resolve the DNS lookups for resources on the page. Increasing performance by removing the delay for DNS resolution.

Cache Headers

Improves the cacheability of your website's resources without compromising your ability to change the resources and have those changes propagate to user's browsers.

TLS 1.3

Transportation Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 is the latest and most advanced HTTPS protocol. It is faster and more secure than SSL or SPDY.


We only use the latest and most advanced protocols. All websites on the BitMitigate network use HTTP/2 by default.

HTTPS Rewriting

Fixes "insecure content" errors on your website by replacing them with the proper HTTPS version on-the-fly.

Progressive Images

Uses inlined low-quality images as placeholders which will be replaced with original images once the web page is loaded.

Image Optimization

Optimizes images, re-encoding them, removing excess pixels, and inlining small images. Even converting images to WebP if supported by the browser.

Inline Rewriting

Replaces website assets by converting them to inline data: URLs, eliminating the need to initiate new connections for fetching the file contents.