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Monthly plans 1TB - 1PB

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1TB - 1PB $0.005/GB
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High Volume Plans 1 PB+

We serve clients with traffic from 1 PB monthly. Contact us to get a custom solution/pricing.

Powered by Values

We think that the internet is the most powerful source of communication on earth. As such we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the same principles of absolute free speech that have allowed for the greatest societal developments in history are not lost in this rapidly evolving era. Free speech is a key value to our operations.

We believe that transparency is the best policy in all realms of life. We make an effort to always be as transparent as possible within all of our operations. Including full disclosures of any potential security vulnerabilities or breaches. Transparency opens the doors for improvement.

We believe that privacy is one of the most fundamental aspects of humanity. Privacy is something that we think about in every single thing we do here at BitMitigate. When you use our services you can be assured that your information is totally private and anonymous to the public.